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Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, can be a cosmetic procedure or a reconstructive procedure in the case of breast reconstruction surgery. The procedure involves implants being inserted beneath the breasts to enlarge them. The implant type and size depends on factors such as how much bigger you want your breasts to be, your breast anatomy, skin thickness and elasticity, and body type.

Breast Augmentation Surgery In Turkey

Turkey stands out as a destination that offers high-quality services in breast augmentation surgeries. The doctors performing these surgeries are renowned experts worldwide, and their successes are well-known. In breast augmentation surgeries in Turkey, guides who speak foreign languages assist patients in smoothly navigating the process. Additionally, the services provided in Turkey are more budget-friendly compared to other countries. Therefore, for those seeking a cost-effective and high-quality option, Turkey can be a worthwhile consideration for breast augmentation surgery. With expert doctors and affordable prices, Turkey may be your best choice for breast augmentation.

About Dr Gülden

Op. Dr. Gülden Avcı, born in 1973, is a reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon. A graduate of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Avcı laid a solid foundation in medical knowledge through her education at this prestigious faculty. When she embarked on her medical career, she had a specialization goal in the field of surgery and demonstrated exceptional skills in this area.

Following her medical education, Op. Dr. Gülden Avcı worked as a medical assistant at Lütfi Kırdar Research Hospital, where she gained valuable experience contributing to patients’ health and honed her surgical skills. Later, she traveled to the United States to receive specialized training at the Body and Breast Shaping Center. Thanks to this experience, she learned international surgical techniques, making her a unique surgeon in Turkey.

Currently, Avcı is working at Emsey Hospital and also provides services to international patients. With her years of experience, she has specialized in areas such as rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics), liposuction (fat removal), blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics), facelift, and lip augmentation.

Treatment details

  • Candidates: If your breasts are sagging, flattened, elongated, asymmetrical or lacking adequate cleavage or volume, there is a good chance that you’re a good candidate for this surgery.
  • Length of Operation: 2-2.5 hours
  • Surgical procedure: Yes
  • Anesthesia type: General
  • Recovery time: 3-4 weeks
  • Accommodation: 7 days

Important Information

  • Be sure to get approval from your medical travel advisor for your medical approval before making a reservation.
    Personalized treatment plans and out-of-package available services are not included in the price of the fix package created.
  • This package includes a 24-hour free cancellation guarantee.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Each user can only use 1 promo code.


  • Pre-Operative Tests
  • Full Consultation with your Surgeon
  • Nursing Care (at Hospital)
  • Surgeons Fees
  • Anaesthetics Fees
  • All Medications
  • Post-Op Check up
  • 5 nights hotel accomodation (includes breakfast)
  • VIP Transfer (Hotel-Clinic-Airport)
  • Helpline with Doctor and Hospital Team
  • 24/7 Aftercare Support


  • Flight Tickets


Visit (7 Days)

1st Day: Patient’s blood tests, routine chest X-ray and EKG tests are done before operation.
2nd Day (Operation Day): Before the operation, the surgeon consults with the patient. Necessary drawings are made for the operation. You will be also evaluated in your room by the anesthesiology specialist doctor. After consultation, the patient is taken to the operating room.
3rd Day: Vital follow-ups of the patient such as blood pressure and heart rate are performed. Necessary medications are given intravenously after the operation.
4th Day: Routine check-ups are done before discharge from the hospital. Necessary information is given to the patient by the responsible nurse. Vascular access and drains are removed, the patient is discharged from the hospital.
5th Day: Hotel rest
6th Day: Hotel rest
7th Day: Dressings are changed, the patient is informed about post-operative care. Final checks are made and the patient is ready to return to their country.


  • Notify your surgeon if you develop a cold, fever or other illness before your surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything from 8 hours prior to surgery.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol beverages at least 1 week before your surgery.
  • Do not wear any jewelry&piercing, make-up or nail polish&prothesis before surgery.
  • Stop the following the below medications 1 week prior to your surgery: Aspirin type of painkillers (ex: Advil, Alka-Seltzer, Ibuprofen) and Vitamins
  • Stop taking contraceptive pills 1 month prior to your surgery


  • The medication and follow-up form given by the specialist should be followed regularly.
  • After surgery, avoid salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates for at least a month.
  • Stay hydrated with water, dont replace water intake with coffee or soft drinks
  • Rest adequately, follow your surgeon’s advice on movement
  • Gentle movement helps prevent complications that arise from being too sedentary for long periods
  • Never smoke before or after surgery
  • Avoid consuming intoxicating substances
  • Follow good nutritional advice and post-op exercise time frames (exercising heavily too soon can harm you or increase your scar formation)
  • You can start excercises after 1 month from operation


  • Nearport Hotel

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3 reviews for Breast Augmentation Turkey Dr. Gülden Avcı

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  1. Galina

    I had a Breast Augmentation procedure. 200 cc filler was used. They look very natural and beautiful. Thank you very much to my doctor

  2. Emily

    I would definitely recommend Mrs.Gülden to anyone who wants to have breast augmentation! I am very happy with the result. my breast look so natural

  3. Sabine Borowczyk

    Breast augmentation / tightening 😘
    – Breast lift
    – Breast augmentation 400 cc
    – Move nipples
    I am super happy about the very nice result.
    I can recommend Letsmedi 100%!
    The doctor Mrs. Dr. Cakmak and the interpreter Mrs. Denise Stern… it just couldn’t be better 😘😘.

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Q & A

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation? Margaret asked on 01/05/2023

Women who desire larger breasts, have lost breast volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, have asymmetrical breasts, or wish to improve their body proportions may be good candidates for breast augmentation. A good candidate should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the procedure.

Dr. Gülden Avcı answered on 01/05/2023
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Will breast implants affect breastfeeding or mammograms? Nicole asked on 23/04/2023

Breast implants typically do not interfere with breastfeeding. Breast implants can affect mammograms, but experienced radiologists can use specialized techniques to obtain accurate results. Inform your mammography technician about your breast implants before the procedure.

Dr. Gülden Avcı answered on 23/04/2023
(0) (0)
How long do breast implants last? Velvet asked on 20/04/2023

Breast implants are not considered lifetime devices. The lifespan of implants can vary depending on factors such as implant type, individual factors, and lifestyle. Some women may need to have their implants replaced or removed due to complications or personal preference at some point in the future.

Dr. Gülden Avcı answered on 20/04/2023
(0) (0)
When can i exercise after breast augmentation? Lona asked on 27/03/2023

The timing for resuming exercise after a breast augmentation can vary depending on the individual and the specifics of the surgery. It's essential to follow the post-operative instructions. In general you may start exercising slowly after 6 weeks.

Dr. Gülden Avcı answered on 27/03/2023
(0) (0)
Will a breast augmentation leave scars? Octavia asked on 27/03/2023

Yes, a breast augmentation will result in some scarring. However, the extent and visibility of the scars can vary depending on the surgical technique used and individual healing. Skilled surgeons strive to place incisions in inconspicuous areas and minimize scarring. Over time, the scars generally fade and become less noticeable.

Dr. Gülden Avcı answered on 27/03/2023
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